To believe that Aristocrats will give us our Freedom is to understand neither Aristocrats nor Freedom.

We know what 18th-century Liberals would do, because they made the United States.  But what would 21st-century Liberals do?  Where are they, even?  There have been no significant advances in political technology in more than two centuries.  Imagine what life would be like if a similarly depressing report could be made for the fields of medicine, transportation, communications, personal hygiene, etc.

Power Accumulation has been invented and reinvented every way from Sunday.  Power Retention has yet to be invented, but it could be and someday will be—when the necessary institutions can be invented, tested and perfected.  Limited government has created a window of opportunity to do that, but it won't last forever.  It's not in the nature of politicians to give themselves less power!

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"Bogus ideology is the root of all Evil."

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