How Social Individualism Means
Real Freedom and Real Social Justice






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Who do you have to be to have a stake in the Human Cause?  Who do you have to be to have a say in the Human Cause?  By what authority do some rule over others?  If you don't already know the answers—the real answers—to such questions, this is your chance to discover them.

This is a political manifesto.  Not the kind meant to put some evil maniac in power, but the kind meant to keep all evil maniacs out of power—forever.

How can that happen?  Only by thinking outside the box.  That box turns out to be a cage. . . .







This work doesn't contain legal advice of any kind.  For that, you'll have to resort to lawyers.  Good luck.

It also doesn't purport to be the product of any rigorous research or formal analysis.  Instead, it attempts to show what even informal analysis can reveal about the world of politics.  The word "politics" as used herein doesn't have its usual narrow meaning encompassing political parties, elections, and the like.  Rather, it's used in a more generic way to refer to how people do treat each other (and why)—and how they should treat each other (and why).

Some terms will be coined here.  Many others will be misappropriated and abused, including being used interchangeably in a casual way.  All terms should be taken to be defined by the context in which they appear.  The whole point is to de-emphasize language (which can be and often is used to deceive) and focus instead on principles.  Feel free to substitute any terms you prefer to use to identify these principles.  (Those who like to obsess over terminology at the expense of Truth, however, should drop this book at once and enroll themselves in law school.)

Political censorship is one of the worst things people do.  Political censors are the necessary accomplices to genocide and oppression—you can't have an Adolf Hitler without a Joseph Goebbels.  However, no attempt is made to be exhaustively fair to all sides of the issues raised herein.  This is a pamphlet, not an encyclopedia.  In particular, the pro-Marxian viewpoint is intentionally shortchanged, being more than amply (if dishonestly) covered elsewhere.  You can find it in virtually any of the products of the Corrupt Media Bloc.

Weigh it all out for yourself, and make up your own mind.  Freedom begins there.







0-1  Preface
0-2  Disclaimer
0-3  Contents



1-1  Reality Check
1-2  Success vs. Failure
1-3  Science vs. Religion
1-4  Socialism vs. Individualism
1-5  Democracy



2-1  Freedom vs. Slavery
2-2  Persuasion vs. Coercion
2-3  Power Accumulation
2-4  Limited Slavery
2-5  Marxism



3-1  Aggression vs. Defense
3-2  Defense Properties
3-3  Defensive Institutions



4-1  Decree vs. Real Law
4-2  Real Law Discovery
4-3  Justice
4-4  Punishment



5-1  Egalitarian Institutions
5-2  Sovereignty
5-3  Citizenship
5-4  Civil Defense
5-5  Political Censorship
5-6  Capitalism



6-1  An Alliance Of The Meek



A-1  Synopsis
A-2  Outline