Freedom 101:  Freedom vs. Slavery

This is a true story...

A long time ago, the greediest members of the human race went all over the planet declaring, "That's mine...that's mine...and that's mine."  Then they killed each other to see who was actually right.  Then they created that institution known as government to forcibly perpetuate the status quo.

Ted Turner is rumored to own half the state of Montana, but he didn't create any of Montana or buy it from anyone who did.  And lest Marxists get to salivating too wildly, please note that Fidel Castro, who owns all of Cuba, didn't create any of Cuba or murder anyone who did.

Imagine the following scenario:  On the eve of America's catastrophic Civil War, cooler heads prevailed.  A compromise was reached.  There would be no Emancipation Proclamation.  Slaves would remain on the plantation.

But, going forward, they would get to choose their Masters in a fifty-one percent popularity contest—based, by the way, on an information stream tightly controlled by the Aristocracy.  And for those who wound up in the forty-nine percent—well, too bad.

How many LyingPoliticians would have the gall to call that result "freedom"?

Probably most, unfortunately.  LyingPoliticians are not lacking when it comes to brass.  And these are the people we want put nominally in charge of the minutest details of our lives?

Who seriously thinks that LyingPoliticians actually represent the will of the People?  What fifty-one percent of the electorate ever demanded an IRS, or the misnamed (and unconstitutional) Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, or that America's borders go unprotected, or that America's jobs be shipped overseas wholesale?  The evidence that government is the tool of the Aristocracy, and not the People, bombards us daily.

The strange political theory that "all men [sic] are created equal" is not one dear to the hearts of Aristocrats, who much prefer the belief that some are considerably more equal than others—a regime which can only be enforced by the most dreadful of institutions.

All Real Crimes are simply variants of the same crime:  Usurpation.  And a Power Theft institution like government—based on made-up law—can only ever produce Political Inequality, with the Barristocracy on top and the People on the bottom.

Nothing could be more "self-evident" than that government is not a Usurpation-prevention institution at all, but a Usurpation wannabe monopoly.  Government is the institution that says:  "Thou shalt not kill—we shall. Thou shalt not steal—we shall."

The "peace" sought by mindless pacifists is a pipe dream.  Power Theft can only be accomplished through Aggression.  Power Retention can only be accomplished through Defense.  And the only alternative to Power Retention is Power Theft, which cannot be fairly described as "peace" in any form.

Real Freedom—Political Equality—requires bottom-up, Power Retention institutions that are as dreadful in their way as the worst ambitions of wannabe Tyrants and the top-down, Power Theft institutions they've been perfecting for millennia.

The limited resources of Planet Earth no more rightly belong to the delusional Aristocracy than to the rest of the human race.  Slavery has never produced Justice and never will, because it can't.  If and when enough Real People come to understand the objective difference between Aggression and Defense, Real Freedom will become not only possible, but unstoppable.