Reality Crash Course

There is a story in the Gospel that, shortly after being baptized by His cousin, Jesus was attacked by Satan.  The Devil offered Jesus World Domination, and was told to take a hike.

Why do you suppose that Jesus would do a dumb thing like that?  Do you think that Napoleon Bonaparte or John D. Rockefeller would make a similar decision?  Would you?

But to live on the Reality Planet is to see World Domination for what it actually is—a crap offer from a Total Liar.

Satan was telling the truth, however, when he said that World Domination is his to grant.  He has been made the "team captain", if you will, of the Unreality Planet, a job for which he is perfectly suited.

Our Heavenly Father has done a wonderful thing, and created Choice.  This Choice is not just some abstract, inconsequential thing, but a real, tangible, life-and-death thing.  We've been given two opposing alternatives to choose between—Reality and Unreality—and a nature that's as likely to go one way as the other.

Romantics may prefer to see human nature as all good, and cynics to see it as all bad, but clearly it has been exquisitely balanced between Good and Evil.  And thus has our Creator made Planet Earth to be a Spiritual Battleground.  This War is happening all around us every minute of every day, if we have the eyes to see it.

The Reality Planet and Unreality Planet exist side-by-side, occupying the same space and time.  We can illustrate their difference with an example:

A while back, the U.S. military dug a guy named Saddam Hussein out of a hole in the ground.  The Iraqi government put him on trial for his life, during which he kept insisting that he was the "President" of Iraq.

Saddam may now be the honorary "President" of Hell, who knows?  But on the Reality Planet, he was never anything but a jumped-up little thug and mass-murderer.

Don't like that example?  Here's another:  On the Reality Planet, government uses their taxes to seize your money—by force.  On the Unreality Planet, government uses "your" taxes to collect "their" money.  See how it works?

What we can observe is that the first thing many people want to do with their Choice is to take away the Choice of others.  (Ironically, this is a high priority for Theocrats.)

Political pundits speak of "power" like it just springs up out of the ether, but it is a consequence of this Choice and in fact is a zero-sum thing.  All such "power" is actually Stolen Power, and the only way for Power Thieves to obtain more is for a whole lot of "poor dumb bastards" (to borrow General Patton's colorful turn of phrase) to have less.

We can also observe that the penchant to design Political Systems is common among people, including many who seem to have no clue about human nature.

The American Founders did appear to have a reasonable grasp of human nature, which in fact is grossly incompatible with Power Accumulation.  Their brilliant solution was to thoroughly cripple government, by dividing Power as many ways as they could.

Unfortunately, there's a bug in their program, and what we've been seeing over the past two-plus centuries is what amounts to a slow-motion "system crash".  The problem is that Coercion is corrupt, and corrupts everything it touches, and that it's not in the very nature of government to remain limited for long.

It simply is not possible to use Sovereignty Delegation to produce Freedom, or Aggression to produce Justice.  Anyone who sincerely desires Freedom and Justice will need to understand what they actually are.  The alternative is to continue to be deceived by our Corrupt Political Class, and to have those goals remain out of reach forever.

There is no shortage of people who will tell you that God wants this or that, but if you'd really like to know what the Father wants, watch what the Son does.  Jesus not only demonstrated Real Love while He was here, He also modeled Real Freedom, Real Justice, and Real Leadership, that we might have an example to follow.  Anyone seeking to better understand any of those things will find no better Teacher.

Now, Dr. King didn't write or approve this essay, but what he says below comes straight from the Gospel.  That's not to say that he's quoting the Gospel, rather, that he studied it and grasped its meaning.  You can do the same.

Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.

Amen, Reverend.