If you don't choose Freedom, Slavery will be chosen for you.

To believe that Aristocrats will give us our Freedom is to understand neither Aristocrats nor Freedom.

Statism is based on the notion that those who know how to take other people's money are nobler than those who know how to make their own.

Government is an institution that can put Adolf Hitler in jail or put him in charge.

Bogus ideology is the root of all Evil.

The proper role of government is to replace itself with something better.

Retaliation isn't Justice.

Coercion isn't the solution to any problem.

God created Freedom, people created Slavery.

When we embrace Aggression, Aggression wins.
When we tolerate Aggression, Aggression wins.

The Universe already has a Legislator.

The only thing that made-up law can guarantee is the supremacy of lawyers.

Political poverty is the source of all poverty.

Freedom and Justice are mutually dependent, not mutually exclusive.

Democracy is based on the notion that 49% of the people are entitled to 0% of the say so.

Coercion is the Excellence-killer.

Your Tolerance is other people's Freedom, their Tolerance is your Freedom.

Robbery is a job for thugs.

Political Power is neither created nor destroyed, only retained or stolen.

Acquiescence to Slavery is all that's required from Slaves.

When people can conduct business at gunpoint, they don't have to be any good.

People who can behave themselves can govern themselves.

The "rule of law" is actually the rule of lawyers.

No one who wants to coerce or con you is a Leader.

Words that can only be "interpreted" by the few offer no reliable protection to the many.

Any institution that can eliminate the Right to self-preservation can eliminate any Right whatsoever.

Defense is a job for the People themselves.

To delegate Sovereignty is to lose it.

What's popular doesn't need government, what's unpopular does.

Real Legitimacy can only come from Real Law.

A system that overrewards lawyers will have lots of them.

"Santa Claus" government can't give you your Freedom.

The purpose of global government is to prevent Freedom anywhere.

To reject Defense is to choose Slavery.

Barristocrats constantly confirm their real opinion of Liberty.

Statists believe that the Arrogant can be trusted but the Meek cannot.