Physics And Metaphysics

Suppose your name is Einstein.  You've looked at the Universe with your mind's eye and discovered something that can't readily be seen with your normal eye.

You've realized that if space expands or contracts, our yardsticks do the same.  If time speeds up or slows down, our clocks do the same.  Our rulers and clocks, after all, are part of space and time, so everything continues to appear "normal" to us.

Counter-intuitive to say the least, and a bit of a hard sell.  However, the real Albert Einstein had several things in his corner.

First, he works in a field populated by intellectual snobs who at least have to go through the motions of doing a "peer review", even if they'd rather not.  In fact, it's their job.

Second, his discovery can be communicated by means of mathematics that at least some of his audience can understand, a relatively uncontroversial and unambiguous language.

Third, the truth he's trying to explain poses no significant threat to anyone's self-serving agenda.

The situation faced by Jesus is quite different.  The truth that He's trying to explain is not at all what people expect to hear, and certainly not what they want to hear.

And mathematics is out of the question, because the math it would take to describe this truth won't be widely comprehended for another 137,000 years (give or take).

Worst of all, this truth poses an obvious, dire threat to the self-serving agenda of some of the meanest people around.  From the moment He opens His mouth, His days are literally numbered.

Jesus also has a couple of things in His favor, however.

He has the power to materially help people, desperate people.  That help will be instantly understood to be what it is—an act of Friendship.  And it will give Him a large audience that otherwise would be hard-pressed to give Him (or anyone) the time of day.

And, while this truth can't easily be modeled using mathematics, it can be modeled through stories, a medium that everyone relates to.  Even something like "Heavenly Father" is what you might call a term of art—a way to make the otherwise-abstract seem more relatable.

Let's face it, we all know what's what.  We inhabit our own skins, and clearly, the Universe is something that happens to us and in fact is all about us.  And make no mistake, we want to have our own way.

Only this way that seems so right to us—this "unenlightened self-interest"—isn't Reality at all.  Reality is the Big Picture, the one we can only see with our mind's eye.

There's an alternative to having our own way, a much better one.  We can choose the Father's way.  And if we don't have much of a clue what that is (and who does), then what better place to start than by lending an ear to the One sent by the Father?